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Why you need a mouth guard

Why you need a mouth guard

First of all is necessary to start with the definition of this word and introduce briefly this protection. What we define as a mouthguard, mouth piece or gum shield, is a protection system designed for the mouth but also both your dental and skeletal apparatus. Basically it is a device, made by gum, gel or thermoplastic materials and in some case, such in case of custom made mouth guards, made by artificial medical resins.

Its use is not only strictly related to combat sports and martial arts, some other sport activities require its use also such as rugby, hockey o football but you can also see some athlete use a gum shield playing basketball, lacrosse and many others.

Why you need a mouth guard


If you are practicing, (or you are going to) such sports as boxing, muay thai, kickboxing, MMA or any other combat sport, is a mandatory to use - and not only to have - one. This is valid for competitions where a referee has the duty to check that you wear one but also in the gym during your regular training. Even if there are no written rules that ask you to do so, I feel the need to recommend everybody to do not workout without it. If you already purchase a mouth guard and you want to know how to make one, skip this page and go to the guide: how to mold a mouth guard.


A brief historical nod

History of the mouth guard


Let's start to rough out the features and making some historical nods. There is no track of the exact date of the appearance of the mouth protector in sports’ history but some non-official source date it around the ast decade of 1800. The first time it has been seen was in a boxing competition. From years, boxers all around the globe were using rudimental protections such as rags, shreds or sponges, tighten them in their teeth to avoid excoriations and, as it seems, to concentrate more into the fight.

Fortunately, a British dentist named Krause Woolf introduced, for the first time in sport history, a device made by gutta-percha, a resin similar to natural rubber. Only thirty years after that fight, studies and technologies, spotlighted the mouth piece we know in our days. After that thousands of companies lavished themselves to spread its diffusion and use.


What a mouth guard is for

1. It is necessary to prevent injuries to your jaw

During a training or a sparring session, your mouth is well clamped, we can avoid most the trauma which may occur to the jaw that sometimes can also become dangerous. If you got hit, and even if is not that strong, you can face a disarticulation of you mandible. This problem, can cause and injury in the moment we receive the punch or also in the future. The same concept is valid for frontal impacts, and using a mouth protector, we can reduce the possibility of your jaw pushing on the cervical area.

Do not underestimate this aspects.

In my opinion those are more important than the others. Remember to mold your mouth guard in a proper way, if it fits correctly you can achieve an optimal level of protection.

2. It is necessary to protect your teeth from hits

With the use of a mouth piece, you teeth are obviously safer. The layers of the material which is used to make it, offer a good grade of protection and can amortize the power of the impact and dissipate the energies in a wider area.

3. It is necessary to protect your tongue

If you do not wear a gum shield, no matter the quality, maybe not at the first but at the second sparring session, you will bite your tongue. When the mouth is closed and the tongue is in its natural position this problem it will not be a problem anymore.

Injuries caused by a wrong use of the mouth guard

4. It is necessary to prevent abrasions to soft tissues

In case you get hit on you lip of cheeks, and in combat sport is not a case is a certainty, the soft tissues of your mouth will obviously smash against the mouth guard. If you do not use the protector, the impact would be the teeth and this, can easily cause a damage. In some cases, even if you have one in your mouth, a powerful hit can cause excoriations, this is obvious. Do not forget to maintain it clean and wash your mouth piece before and after every use!

5. Facilitate medical intervention

When a knock out occur, in case of faint, is possible to occur a choking hazard caused by the tongue of the fighter which roll back in his own throat. When this happens, the fainted one, close and clamp his mouth strongly and the intervention of a doctor can be really difficult.  If you have a gum shield in your mouth, is much easier to open the mouth of the fighter and escaper the risk of suffocation and convulsions.


IMPORTANT: even though a regular use of a mouth guard, the effectiveness of prevention of facial or dental trauma, is not completely sure and injuries may occur. There are some brand who advertise that they offer an insurance that cover possible damages faced while using their products. Pay attention to this statement and check on their website or on the package of your item, the condition and procedures of the refund.


Conclusioni sui paradenti da pugilato


This are the reasons why the use of a teeth protector is required in combat sports. Is estimated that one third of the injuries to teeth and jaw are cause by a not proper (or non-use) of this particular product. We are talking about injuries to soft tissues, abrasion to the lips or inside the cheeks, damages, more or less severe of the teeth, crowns, roots or bridges, not to mention the actual fractures. 

Obviously, to this estimation should be added all those traumas that are found in a distant future. You can also talk with your denstist or read something more here: "types and advantages"


I want to remind you to always (ALWAYS) use a mouth guard, do not train if you do not have your own. Talk with your instructor also, and he or she will also tell you this and the same things you read in this guide. This item is necessary and is essential to practice combat sports and since its cost is not that high you can purchase more than one and keep a spare part in your bag. Prevent injuries and always use one.




You can also take a look directly at our product category: MOUTH GUARD, FEATURES AND PRICES.


This was our list of tips on boxing mouth guard. I invite you to get deeply into every single aspect and not overlook any detail, if you want to practice fighting sports in the best possible way.

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