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How to wash your mouth guard

How to keep your teeth protector clean

First of all, is always a good thing to wash your mouth piece before and after every use. I write this because, as it is easy to understand, we are placing something in our mouth and germs and bacteria can cause problem to you. So wash it and escape bigger problems.

How to wash your mouth guard


Before every use

Let's start form here, is something really easy. Every time before using your gum shield, wash it for few seconds before put it into your mouth. By doing this it will not be too dry and improve your breathing and obviously remove some bacteria. It is the same principle as brushing your teeth, if you think about that there is not a big difference.


After every use

As first thing, do not forget to remove your mouth piece from your bag after the work and open its box. After this spend few minutes taking care of it. You can use your teeth brush and tooth paste, better if is not that kind with abrasive particles or particularly strong. A fast wash like this can remove most of the germs.

You can also dunk it for few seconds into mouthwash and then wash it again with some cold water. Pay attention to the percentage of alcohol in the mouthwash, it does not has to be too high. There are other products such as sodium hypochlorite, the same someone use for washing food which can keep your teeth protector clean.

After this easy procedure, let the mouthguard get dry and place it again in the box. Obviously you have to wash the box in the same way too because if not, is unseful.

Do not use hot water to wash it and do not dry it close or with hot springs because you can damage it


Wash your mouth guard before and after every use

Your dental hygiene is involved in your training, there is nothing to do about that. If you care of your health, well you have to take care of your gears too. All these operations take few minutes, introduce them in your daily routine and make benefits out of it. Even if you purchased one of the best mouth guard you cannot afford to omit this easy procedure so wash your gum shield before and after every use.


You can also take a look directly at our product category: MOUTH GUARD, FEATURES AND PRICES.


This was our list of tips on boxing mouth guard. I invite you to get deeply into every single aspect and not overlook any detail, if you want to practice fighting sports in the best possible way.




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