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How to choose your teeth protector

Which teeth protector suits you

In this guide I would like to write about all the facets which can be interesting and helpful for you to understand which mouth guard is perfect for you. Obviously I cannot give you the answer but I can make a list of the main models available on the market so I can help and support you in your decision.

How to choose your teeth protector

Below you are going to find:

- The models available on the market. 

   1. Single arch model.

   2. Double arch model.

   3. Custom made model.

- What it is made by. 

- Sizes. 

- The perfect solution. 

- For who has braces. 

- Conclusions. 

 Available models

Single mouth guard - SphinxSingle arch teeth protector: it is the most common and maybe the one can fits more to most of the fighters. This solution protect only your top teeth. It is more common because is lighter and smaller than others and allows a better breathing.

Double arch teeth protector: it is less used than the other one even if it offers more protection but a lot of fighters think that it is too big and they feel uncomfortable. Indeed is bigger than the single one but it fit both dental arch and offers a better grade of protection. In the center, you can find a rectangular split which can facilitate breathing.

There are also some other type available on the market from few years which release flavors, vanilla, mint strawberry or other. I never tried this solution and because of that I don't fell professional to share my opinion about it but I do not like the concept.Double mouth guard - Fight Town

Custom made mouth guard: this is something that only a dentist can make so the main features of this, used to be discussed directly with the doctor. A specific medical check is usually required. Obviously is a mouth guard which fits perfectly our mouth and satisfy every kind of medical or physical needs.


As I wrote before, the custom made mouth piece is the best solution for a fighter who does not want tohave injuries during or after a fights and moreover have a safe workout. The other two solution are industrial products designed for a huge audience, cheap and easy to find solutions. Remember that you have to choose the right mouthguard based on your needs


What is made by

What is used to produce teeth protectors, are usually natural gums, resins or any other flexible and malleable materials. You can find some made by EVA or gel or a combination of these. The material used to make this protection defines its density and hardness.

Some mouth guard are made combining natural gum and other thermoplastic materials in the external area and a soft gel inside. It is possible that this solution is more comfortable and less invasive for gums area just because is more soft.



Check mouth guard prices and availability




Usually there are no sizes but only one choice between junior e senor. This means the till 11 years you can choose the junior size, otherwise the senior.

The perfect solution

I do not recommend sis mouth guardFirst of all is easy to understand that a soft and thin mouthguard is more comfortable but we have also to understand what we need and what fits more to our needs. If you noticed, that during your training you clamp your mouth and you bite a lot, maybe is better to opt for a more solid solution and avoid the gel ones. Pay attention to some ads that are advertising the fact that their mouth piece is so thin because in my opinion is a misleading advertising. In your opinion a teeth protector has a good quality because it protects your teeth or because allows you to speak? 



Carrying on with the list of information about the mouth guards, we have to consider if what we need is a single arch or a double one. If you never try any of these before, I would like to recommend the single arch one. It is smaller and will be much easier and faster to get used to it. The first trainings you will not feel comfortable with it, is possible that you are going to have some problem while breathing, or even nausea but it is normal. You can try to introduce it into your training gradually. A lot of athletes consider it bulky and awkward but it is obvious that is only a matter of habit, it takes time but you can get used to it.



If you have braces

If you have braces

This is a thing that you need to discuss with your dentist but usually they are agree about the fact that you can use a standard protection. A boil & bite so can be fine for you, the important thing is that you have to be really careful while molding it. The braces must have a perfect shape in the thermoplastic material, so pay attention while molding it. Be sure is perfect before to use it. You can find some interesting information on this article writte by an international dental association. 




The mouth guard is usually a cheap product, even if you have a good quality one (is not the case of custom made items). The optimal solution could be to do some attempts before to say which model fits your needs. As I explained before, and as i wrote in the guide "how to take care of your mouth piece", do not forget that you should change it once or twice a year, so having a spare part it can be a good idea.


You can also take a look directly at our product category: MOUTH GUARD, FEATURES AND PRICES.


This was our list of tips on teeth protector. I invite you to get deeply into every single aspect and not overlook any detail, if you want to practice fighting sports in the best possible way.

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