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How to choose boxing hand wraps

How to choose boxing hand wraps.

Have you just started or are going to start practicing fighting sports and you don't know how to choose your gear? Follow me in this guide and I will tell you How to choose your boxing hand wraps. Below there is all the information you need to make the right choice.

How to choose boxing hand wraps

In the following guide, I am going to introduce you to all the technical features of boxing hand wraps in order to help you understand which type is closer to your needs. First of all, before starting, it is necessary that you know what the hand wraps are for and how to use them. If you do not know it yet, I would like to invite you to read the guide What are boxing hand wraps for.

Boxing hand wraps types

Let's start drafting a list of the different kinds of boxing hand wraps available on the market:

  1. Cotton hand wraps.
  2. Mexican style hand wraps.
  3. Undergloves with gel padding.
  4. Elasticated undergloves
  5. Gauze bandages

Boxing hand wraps Venum1. Cotton hand wraps

Cotton hand wraps are the most common and most used kind. 100% cotton made, they are very resistant even if used and washed frequently and their lifespan could be quite long. Please note that the life of your bandages for boxing depends also on how you use and how you take care of them. Treat them in an appropriate way and take them off the bag every time after training.

To understand if a pair of boxing hand wraps is made of cotton, if it is not specified on the package, you can grab them and try to stretch a bit. If the bandages stretch more than few millimeters, there is probably an elastic material percentage in it and that makes this a Mexican style hand wrap.

The cotton hand wraps have a thumb loop at one end and a Velcro band on the opposite end as closing system. Generally, the width can vary between 5 and 6 cm and the length between 2m and 5m.

PAY ATTENTION: In case you are going to participate in events sponsored by federations or associations, it is always advisable to check that there are no rules and restrictions in this regard. For example, the official AIBA rules require the use of bandages with 5,7cm width and length between 2.5m and 4.5m. You can read more about it on the official AIBA website: www.aiba.org

Here an example of cotton boxing hand wraps: COTTON HAND WRAPS.


Boxing hand wraps fight town2. Mexican style hand wraps

Mexican style hand wraps are very similar to cotton ones in both appearence, size and dimensions. The main difference consists in the elastic component. How much this bandage is elasticated is a decision that every brand can take without limitations. Sometimes you can find the percentage of elasticated material among the technical features or on the package. What you find most often is a value between 10 and 30%. If you are a beginner, Mexican style boxing bandages are more comfortable but you must pay attention to wrap them in the right way. If they are over tightened, they may cause poor circulation in the hand. 

Elasticated hand wraps may have a shorter lifespan compared to cotton ones. All the products that contain elasticated materials tend to deteriorate faster that 100% cotton materials after use and washing. Therefore I advice to treat the product with care. If you do not know how to take care of boxing hand wraps you can take a look at our guide.

For what official fights and events are concerned, it is valid what we said before. Always check that the federation or association who is running the event does not specifically ask for hand wraps with certain features. The before mentioned AIBA organization for example requires slightly elasticated boxing hand wraps.

Here an example of Mexican style boxing hand wraps: BOXING HAND WRAPS FIGHT TOWN.


Boxing hand wraps  - go to products


Boxing underglove3. Undergloves with gel padding

Undergloves with gel padding have increased in popularity lately and are now widespread. Their peculiarity is in the fact that they are extremely fast and easy to wear. You put it on as a normal glove and usually there is a Velcro band on the wrist to close it. It is used by amateur boxers and beginners but it also is very common and appreciated by fitness fans.

As I said before, it is very easy to wear and it does not require specific skills to use. Many fighters and martial artists prefer this than traditional bandages because they are fast to wear and more convenient to use.

The inner glove is usually made by polyester with a gel padding on the knuckles, which is really helpful for those who have delicate fingers and knuckles. Its weak point is the lack of support on the wrist area, which is the reason why professional fighters do not use it.

Size: here you are not going to find length and width but the standard sizes S, M, L XL.

Here an example of undergloves with gel padding: BOXING UNDER GLOVES SPHINX


Boxing undergloves4. Elasticated undergloves

Elasticated undergloves are very similar to gloves with gel padding. They may or may not have a small Velcro band as closing system. They do not have any type of padding and they are not advisable for fighting sport training. This kind of inner gloves are quite good if you want to train fit-boxe or similar fitness activities, which involve light contact or none. The support that this undergloves offer to the wrist is very poor.

Here an example of elasticated undergloves: ELASTICATED UNDER GLOVES.

Such as for undergloves with padding, the sizes of these undergloves are the traditional ones from S to XL.

If you have doubts choosing the right size, take a look at the guide here: Choose hand wraps size


Gauze bandages5. Gauze bandages

Gauze bandages are used by professionals since specific skill are required to wear them. This kind of hand wrapping is used during professional fights and it is not allowed at the amateur level. It is unthinkable to wear a gauze bandage for a workout, first of all it requires long time to put on and you also need the assistance of a professional. You cannot do it by yourself. 

Moreover, if you are going to participate in a competition, please consult the organizers' rules concerning hand wrapping. Federations and association may require gauze bandage to be of a particular width or length.

Since this is a bandage meant for professional use, it offers a wide range of benefits, such as high protection to the bones and the soft tissues, the ability to fill all the empty areas in the boxing glove as well as being much more rigid and durable compared to other solutions.

Here an example of gauze bandages: GAUZE BANDAGES.


In conclusion, we can say that there are three main categories: first, training hand wraps the include cotton and Mexican style ones, which are the most popular and recommended. In the second group I would put the undergloves, with or without padding. In my opinion, those who practice boxing sporadically or at a fitness level would benefit highly from using them. Lastly, there are gauze bandages used by professionals.

Now you know how to choose boxing hand wraps, so there is nothing else to do than decide which one is the best for you, which one can totally fits your needs.

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