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Custom made mouth guard

Custom made mouth guard

A mouth protector for combat sport, or for every other sport, is maybe the best solution you can ever have in a matter of protection and comfort. There is no other better solution I can imagine. With this piece you can train safe and be sure that all the problems related to trauma can be forgotten.

The grade of protection that this mouth pieces offers, is obviously higher - compared to boil & bite - both on dental or muscular level. The price is higher than a traditional product and is not even necessary to compare them, but on long terms is worthy and you will never regret this choice. Don't forget that this items are hand made by experts and doctors, all professionals with the right deep knowledges to offer you a medical support.

Is it also possible to choose your own color(s), write your name or logo, someone else write a phone number on it in case it get lost. This is not the most important feature because the main thing is this mouth piece fits 100% your mouth. Using a 3D scanner or with a traditional mold, the doctor create a mouth guard on them, so all the benefits are: better comfort and breathing, and also, do not forget that the materials which this is made by are the same your dentis use in his or her every day job.


Custom made mouth guard

How it comes to life

Writing you in detail this step is unuseful, and from my side not professional since I am not a doctor and not even a dentist. So about this paragraph I can mention few basic things. First of all you need a check from your dentist, a short interview to understand your needs. They can take a look at you mouth, jaw and teeth and discuss with you all the necessary details. The second step is, as I said before to scan your mouth or make a traditional mold in order to create the negative.

After this, the mouth guard can be prepared, designed as you wish and with the features you need and you evaluated with your doctor. Once made and refined your custom made piece will be delivered.


How to order a custom made mouth guard

Orthophan Pro


 Ortophan-Pro is probably offering the best service and they provide you a full and professional service. This is the case where you need the help of a dentist to make the impression of your teeth but once you are done with it the procedure is really easy. The solution is suitable for muay thai, boxing, mma and all the combat sport but is also suitable for other sports. What is also a strong point of Ortphan-Pro is the possibility to create your customized item by using an app, available for free on google play and app store.


During the production process, they will keep you updated by sending pictures to ensure that all the details are perfect.




IMPACT: If you live in USA, a company who can offers you this kind of service you can try to take a look at IMPACT website because they ship everywhere in the country. The procedure is easy, they place your order and Impact send you a fit kit you can use to make an impression of your teeth. It something it can be done in five minutes. Once you did this, you send it back to the company and they produce your custom product. This is not the best solution ever but is something better than many other things availalbe on the market.

Easy to make and easy to have, they do it as you can see.


CUSTOM MOUTHGUARD BY OPRO: Opro is offering a similar service, by doing a impression, they start the process in the laboratory and the customization process begins. They have strong and advanced technologies to analyze all the details of your mouth. When the model is done, they make your teeth protector using the colors and design your prefer. They can also print on it your name or phone number and protect the printings through a lamination process. 




For a professional use I have to recommend a custom made mouth piece. The studies about injuries prevention are (fortunately) are making big steps in the last few years and offer use the opportunity of avoid trauma and bad situation both in short and long terms.  We have to take advantage of it and improve our life and our sport activity (and performances too!) because this is also a good way to educate future generations.


Traditional mouth guard prices


This was our list of tips on teeth protector. I invite you to get deeply into every single aspect and not overlook any detail, if you want to practice fighting sports in the best possible way.

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