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Choose your fighting gear: all the advice

Choose your fighting gear: all the advice

It is a good idea to choose your fighting gear smartly and only make a purchase after a thorough research of information. By reading this guide you will have all the information you need to do the right choice. Once you have become aware of the key points, move to the specific item you interested in for further advice. Find the icon related to your product in the menu on your right, click on it and discover all the available guidelines.

Choose your fighting gear: all the advice


Below you will find:

1. Preliminary considerations;

2. You physical condition;

3. Your perfomance;

4. How often do you train;

5. Your goals;

6. Your budget.

7. Conclusions.


1. Preliminary considerations

Remember that whatever is the fighting gear you want to buy or use, you must always use it for the purpose for which it has been designed! There is a multitude of sport equipment available on the market. As consumer, especially if you are a beginner, it is always very difficult to determine which one really fits your needs. With this guide, I do not want to add more confusion to your choice, but only try to clarify and help you as much as I can. Buying sports equipment must be a rational choice. Do not leave you choice be driven only by your wallet, use common sense. Try to be objective and aware of everything you need to know about your fighting gear.

After this we can start to make all the necessary evaluations. We are going to do this by asking some questions: 

Physical condition2. How is your physical condition?

Analyze and considers honestly your physical condition, be aware of what you want to do and according to that decide which product is the one that suits you. For example, if you have just started, and you are a beginner, it is possible that you are not familiar yet with fighting sports. In this case, you certainly need a product that offers a high degree of protection. Do not think that because you are at the very beginning, it is better to have shoddy products, it is exactly the opposite! So if you are not familiar with contact sports, you need well-padded items as a good helmet with cheekbones protection or high shin pads.

3. What about your performance?

A better product means also better performance. Therefore, considering and evaluating your own goals and limits will help you a lot before making any purchase. Make sure to choose fighting gear that reflects your personal needs, goals and expectations.

4. How many time per week you are going to use them?

When you become really involved in a combat sport, it could be very difficult to stay away from the gym. It could be that you have already been in this world for many years, you are starting now, or you know that you are going to increase your workout. In any case, calculate how many times per month or per week are you going to practice. This will help you find the perfect equipment. 

 4.1 Occasionally- 1 or 2 times per week

You are probably at the very beginning, or anyway you are not going to use your fighting gear intensively. Do not think that because of that you can underestimate the quality level of a product. As I said before, if you are a beginner you need equipment that offers a high grade of protection. The advice I can give you is to focus on medium/high quality products. Moreover, if you train once or twice a week, with a good set of fighting gear, you will have them for long time and it will certainly pay off.

4.2 Often- 3 or 4 times per week

At this point, you start getting involved in this sport activity, so what I can tell you is to focus your choice on products which have quite high quality. Low cost fighting gear, besides not offering a good grade of protection, do not have a long lifespan. With a quite intense use, the products can decline pretty fast. This is true for both the padding, seams and materials in general. Remember that a pair of shin guards without padding or a second rate boxing helmet do not protect you from the impact!

4.3 Daily - 5 or 7 times per week

If your training goes from 5 to 7 days a week, it means that you are an expert or you are going to be one. Focus on quality, ask us which item fits your needs best. You are training intensely, what you need is something oriented and designed for this purpose. Some brands offer good quality fighting gear made of the best available materials, but this does not mean that they have been designed for intense or professional training. Moreover, you have to think that, as a frequent trainer, one pair of hand wraps or boxing gloves is not enough. Having a second pair might be a good idea. Here it is valid what I told you before, use the fighting gear for the purpose they have been designed for, and by this I mean using a pair of bag gloves when you are training on a heavy bag, and 16Oz gloves when sparring. 

All the videos with our tips & trick, news, tutorials, products and much more are available on Fight Town's YouTube channel Fight Town on YouTube



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Sports goals5. What are your goals?

To avoid any mistake while you choose your fighting gear, you need to consider your sport goals as well. Take into consideration if what you aim at is to get in shape, train as amateur or you want to become a pro; then orientate the choice based on it. When you are sure about your answer, read once again what I wrote in the previous few lines, and see what kind of equipment you need for practicing martial arts. 

Budget6. What is your budget?

The last consideration you need to take is maybe the more painful: the budget. At this point you have evaluated your conditions, goal and frequency of training and probably you already have a list of products you would like to purchase. Now based on your budget, it is time to check if your idea fits your plans. If it does not, please find a slightly cheaper alternative, which still has the main features that you need. Do not forget that you must protect yourself and the training must be a pleasant moment. Try always to find the best compromise between price and quality.

7. Conclusions

Did you answer all the questions? Well, if the answer is yes, you have clear in mind what to do. If the answer is no, please go back and read again this guide before choosing your fighting gear.


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